This is another reason to keep your resume current with a running list of achievements. If your boss makes you stay late and miss your ride, ask the company to pay for it. Talk about the future. You ask to speak to him about it. Although the odd passing mention may get through, in fact, Rawlings and his staff are banned from mentioning these other enterprises by the Discovery Channel, who don’t want to give his bars free advertising. Fortunately, jotting your supervisor a message can work just fine for any non-urgent matters. My employer has a program that will guarantee you a ride home if you’re a car pooler and have to stay late for work. Additionally, knowing how to best prioritize goals can help you focus on the things that matter most for your organization. She holds a master's degree in journalism from Northern Illinois University. After all, an extra day’s holiday each year has no cash cost to your boss, other than the loss of one day’s productivity. I would NOT ASK if someone wanted gas money. Copyright © 2008–2021, Glassdoor. Practice your pitch and anticipate questions. Be confident in your value. Show your boss your mileage records for the last two months. Don’t let your boss think you are a push over. You want to be very coy and not reveal your salary history (in fact, in some states, it’s now illegal for them to even ask you about it). Check out our Talent Solutions Blog. Can you prove that you regularly show up early and stay late? However, you should at least wait until your history with the company has given you time to have proven yourself to be a valuable team member. You might say, “Based on this standard, I should receive gas compensation in the amount of $71.50.” If your boss resists, take the high road. Be prepared that he will ask you about the topic. If you don’t want to give someone gas money, which is totally your prerogative, you can kindly but firmly refuse. Check your bonus. It can feel like you don’t have control over the conversation, since the other person ultimately gets to decide whether to pay you more or not. Large news organizations like The New York Times, the … ). Money 5 Ways to Talk With Your Boss About Making More Money Being able to talk about money will directly influence how much you make and the opportunities you get. While having a face-to-face conversation regarding your zeal for working on more challenging tasks with the boss is a good option, another professional way is to ask for the same in an email. There are some companies that simply do not have the funds available for a raise, no matter how much they may think you deserve it. For example, here’s a snapshot from Glassdoor of what a Marketing Director in Cincinnati, OH earns: By being armed with what others in your position earn, you can further build a case. If your employer won’t come up to your magic number, try negotiating some alternatives. Remember, don’t let fear keep you from asking for additional compensation if you truly believe you deserve it. 3) Never, never, ever use company sponsored social gatherings to hit your boss up for more money. Indeed, you may prefer more intangible benefits, such as extra holiday. Have you saved the company money by incorporating some new way of getting things done? As well, maintain a file of any emails or other notes that underscore your value-even track conversations with your boss, customers, vendors, team mates and others with whom you have collaborated that articulate something good or valuable you have contributed. Asking someone to pay you back is not fun, but sometimes being direct and asking face-to-face is necessary. Even one as big as, “Can I have a pay raise?”, Home > How To Ask Your Boss For More Money. ‎Show Practically Passionate, Ep How to ask your boss for more money with Rashqiue Mustahseen - Nov 10, 2019 1) There are no hard and fast rules for “when” you should ask for a pay raise. When you ask this question, note the number of goals, the scope and how they plan to accomplish the goals. Be honest, but don’t get into a protracted conversation until you are confident that you can talk without distractions and interruptions. Then, during your meeting, you'll verbally ask for a raise. Take your time, gather your thoughts and prepare yourself to increase the odds of getting the money. Be prepared to hear no. 3. Are you one of those people afraid to ask certain questions because you may not get the answer you want? Ask your boss if he has any questions about your request and what the next steps might be. If you were planning to ask for a raise and know that this time of the year is coming up at your company, then you’re right on track to start preparing and planning your ask. The last time I checked, it is still illegal for bosses to beat their employees just for asking a question. Believe me, some bosses watch every detail. Ask early. Some people put their hand up for a bigger job before they are ready. 2) Strike while the iron is hot. Be sure that your mileage records are thorough and complete and include dates, your destinations and the mileage traveled. If your company does not have a loan program in place, meet with your boss or owner of the … How To Ask Your Boss For Help Without Sounding Incompetent. It does look like Stranger than fiction is saying this woman asked for help figuring out her money situation, not just gas money, so sharing the spreadsheet was reasonable and helpful. Pro tip: Monster's salary guide can sho… The request isn't one to just blurt out if the two of you meet at the office water cooler. I wasnt suggesting one asks for a major gift. Just make sure you get these alternatives in writing. Raise questions about it if you can and ask He should be able to explain … Would you be happy if you were allowed to come in late or leave early a few times a week? Ask early. But sending someone budget advice because they asked you for some cash is like telling a panhandler to get a job. Face to face it best for major gift solicitations. Explain to him … Look for an opportunity to go above and beyond the call of duty. How do I tell my boss I want more money? 1) There are no hard and fast rules for “when” you should ask for a pay raise. Share your goals and ask for feedback. There are many ways to get a raise that don’t necessarily mean more cash in your paycheck, but may be just as valuable. 7. You can also ask your boss, HR, or a trusted colleague how the company typically approaches raises. You'll want to open up the conversation, mention your … It’s undeniable that asking for a salary increase is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences in the workplace. “Whoever mentions money first loses,” says Ryan. Check your bonus. This step will help your to clarify your thoughts. In particular, if the duties of your role have expanded since you last earned a pay raise, that may mean the position title, and often with it, the salary level, should similarly be expanded. Ask your boss when it would be convenient to talk with you about a business-related matter. If you think you deserve a raise, be crystal clear about why you feel this way and how your actions impacted the company’s bottom line (and/or made your boss look better). Establish a pleasant, non-confrontational tone with your boss. Admit that you probably should have addressed the issue of gas compensation when you were hired, but that you have been accruing business-related gas expenses and have been paying these expenses from your own pocket. PLENTY of people are fine giving over the phone. Of course, even the Internal Revenue Service refers to its 55.5 cents per mile rate as “optional,” so it’s up to you to present your boss with a convincing argument that will help you offset the cost of filling up your tank. Ask for Advice. Your boss may need to consult with his supervisor or the human resources office. As you'll note, I didn't recommend it. It is the rare position in today’s job market that comes with automatic pay raises, and most bosses are not of a mind to arbitrarily hand out more money without being asked. Some smaller companies may offer loans with an annual cap on how much you can receive each year since they do not have as many financial resources, such as debt counseling or credit unions, to which to send employees, explains October 15, 2018 . I have sent purchase order requests over the last several days detailing the needs and the time constraints. However, you should at least wait until your history with the company has given you time to have proven yourself to be a valuable team member. Glassdoor ® is a registered trademark of Glassdoor, Inc. … State the facts, without getting upset or defensive. 6) Be open to other forms of compensation. Compute your business-related mileage expenses for at least two months before you approach your boss. If your manager needs to ask someone else about your raise, this email will make it easier for them to have a conversation on your behalf. The time has arrived once again where you must have a sit-down with your boss and your way to a big fat bonus. Asking boss for the money they owe is tricky. You can't ask for "gas money", since it's almost unheard of for employers to provide gas money to their employees unless their jobs require them to drive. John Rux-Burton on May 8, 2012 at 9:36 am Hi. 3) Non-cash benefits. Compare your procedures and strategies to see how to improve your goal setting for optimal growth in your career. 4) Like any good attorney, be prepared to make your case. No one enjoys walking into their boss’s office asking for more money, but if your company hasn’t noticed your efforts, then it’s on you to shine a light on them. Assure your boss that you will keep honest and accurate records of your business-related mileage. Look for an opportunity to go above and beyond the call of duty. How to ask your boss for a bonus. The outcome is likely to be quite embarrassing for both of you, and your professional image may be damaged beyond repair. You can even do a search by similar types and sizes of companies and region or city, to ensure you are comparing apples to apples. Ask that you be compensated for business-related gas mileage “as soon as possible.” You might wish to draw an analogy between gas mileage and office supplies, the reasoning being that office supplies, too, are a company expense that should be reimbursed to employees. Would you be willing to accept compensation in the form of the products or services your company provides? If you’re going through the job interview process, don’t be so quick to answer or bring up salary questions. It only takes a second – see who’s viewing your profile and monitor your reputation. How to ask your boss for money for professional development By: Mel Grau. Questions to Ask When Being Laid Off a Job, How to Protect Yourself From Wages Being Garnished From Your Check, How to Negotiate a Switch From Part-Time to Full-Time. Follow this step-by-step process next time you’re feeling completely lost at work. Here are 12 things you can negotiate beyond salary. If they reject your request for a raise, this email can serve as a record of the conversation. ... try to avoid them in the future. The lure of email can be tempting, especially since it saves you the embarrassment of needing to look your boss in the face as you confess your own perceived stupidity. Asking to be reimbursed for your money shouldn’t be something you are afraid of doing. Trust me. Training Opportunity . Refer to the IRS gas compensation standard. They’ll make special arrangements to get you home if it’s necessary for you to stick around longer to finish up company business. 5 Ways to Talk With Your Boss About Making More Money. You give the details as to why you think he owes money to you. Remember being an non-profit organization does not give them the liberty to the setup to exploit any newbie as rightly commented by some user. Speaking of your employer’s salary structure: If, in the course of doing this research, you find out that men in your office are earning more than women for the same work, you have a different issue on your hands — one that moves us out of normal “how to ask for a raise” advice and into “how to address a gender pay gap” territory, which you can read about here. How Much Should an Employee Get Paid to Travel? So, it is up to you to determine if you’re ready and deserving of a salary increase, and only you can take charge of the situation. Just remember, if you're involved with asking for money to not be limited to your personal preferences. Suggest to your boss that you meet at a regularly scheduled time, say once a month, to see how things are going, how you can improve and so on. If you’re using your vehicle for company business, you are entitled to gas compensation. Were you key in getting a big client to use your product or service? Approach your employer’s human resources department or your supervisor to ask if there is a loan program or payday advance option in place. Believe it or not, someone could not that you were too timid to approach money that was owed to you. Think it Through. Prepare a one to two page summary of your accomplishments, to highlight the reasons you have earned a salary increase. You may decide to request a raise again at a later date, and you can reference this email at that point. Askabout his preferred accounting method, such as an Excel spreadsheet. End the conversation on a light note, perhaps by saying that it’s never easy to address money issues, but that you appreciate that you have the type of working relationship where such forthrightness is possible. Internal Revenue Service: IRS Announces 2012 Standard Mileage Rates, Most Rates Are the Same as in July, Forbes: 10 Things to Ask Your Boss for Instead of a Raise, Investopedia: 6 Employment Perks and How to Get Them, Letters from the Homeroom: Request Letters, Concise Clear, Concise Writing from Bold Visions, How to Keep Track of Deductible Job Expenses, How to Negotiate Mileage, Tolls & Gas into a Salary, How to Ask Your Boss if You're Going to Lose Your Job. Prepare to explain to your boss how much you need, why you need it and what your repayment plan looks like. Thank your boss for his time. Tap online resources such as Glassdoor to see how your compensation package stacks up with salaries and bonuses for your specific job at other companies. To help you get the results you want, here are six tips to help you feel properly equipped for the “fight.”. Establish a pleasant, non-confrontational tone with your boss. In this case, ask how long the review process will take and when you can expect a response. Wroblewski has penned pieces for Woman's Day, Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal and many newspapers and magazines. Good luck. To get through it smoothly, it’s critical that you practice your pitch before you meet with your boss. With education, health care and small business marketing as her core interests, M.T. Once you get into management, most companies provide some level of variable component to your pay. Plus, email gives you the opportunity to document any information that your boss might require (more on that in a minute! Rarely is there a better opportunity to get the answer you want than while you are riding high on a wave of recent success. I’m not a psychic, but I am going to go out on a limb here, and guess that a little two-letter word is the basis for most of your fear. You also don’t want to share the salary range you’re aiming for, even though you should have a number in mind. Do your research. Practise Your Delivery. How to Ask for More Work in an Email? Hello Boss, We have some expenses coming up this week. You'll have to ask your boss, however, and take the right approach. 5) Research your salary marketability. We cover everything from career advice to the latest company headlines. It would reflect the confidence and guts you show in your approach to get the money.

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