Residents may apply for the Explore NB Travel Incentive Program between October 1 and 30. For every... Japan. So, if you decide to take advantage of these countries willing to pay for you to visit, here are few tips to travel safely in times of a pandemic. Copper mining is... 9 Greece (Antikythera). The program to boost tourism demand, dampened by the novel coronavirus crisis, through state-subsidized incentives started in July, covering all domestic trips excluding those to and from Tokyo. As part of its attempt to spur the economy, Japan has launched the Go To Travel tourism promotion program in July. Cambodia is rebuilding itself. Kamiya Jani gave up her full time media job to dare to live the life she always wanted. Cambodia went through nine hells under the Pol Pot regime during the Khmer Rouge. This sure sounds like a fantastic gamble, but in hindsight, you do not wish to contract the deadly COVID-19. Successful businesses who agree to stay in Chile are eligible for $100,000 in additional funding. Cancun, Mexico. One by one, Kristina has dedicated videos to places she says 'will basically pay you to visit once the pandemic is over.' These Cosy Himalayan Cottages Near Delhi Offer Dreamlike... Ditch The Goa Beaches & Experience A Magical... India’s Favourite White Desert Festival Rann Utsav Is... Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering Comes Up In... 6 Immigration-Friendly Countries Where You Can Move To... German City Installs Sleeping Pods To Give The... 10 Biggest Natural Disasters Of 2020 That Shook The World Costing Money... Go On An Epic Bus Journey From Delhi To London In 70 Days Covering 18 Countries, Residents Returning To UAE Must Receive A ‘GREEN’ ICA Message, MillionaireAsia Declares Baroda’s Maharani As The ‘Modern Maharni’ Of Indian Kingdom Dynasty, 6 Hotels In The World Letting You Stay For Free. The Japanese government may pay for half of your plane ticket to get travellers to return. The most-loved vacation spot Cancun in Mexico barren since the pandemic. Countries dependent on tourism are going out of their way to host you. Japan is injecting about $12.5 billion by subsidising travel expenses. The number is expected to increase, with the government still accepting applications from stores hoping to participate in the coupon scheme. You just have to pay from your pocket for two nights while the third night is in the house! Copyright @2020 - All Right Reserved. Planning To Travel To Italy? You can find a hotel room in Ethiopia for $10 a night. Scopely. These countries will pay you to travel Maldives. One hotel CEO, Derek Stevens, has offered up to 1,000 free flights to Las Vegas after the pandemic. The country is willing to pay for your sun loungers, sunbeds, and even tables at the beaches. Join over 180,000 travel agents, professionals 4 places that will pay you to visit right now. Expenses made while on vacation could qualify for a 20% rebate on the cost of their vacation. Ethiopia is one of the cheapest countries to visit in the world and has something for everyone. With flights grounded and borders closed amid the coronavirus pandemic, several countries are offering to pay tourists to visit once the crisis is over, according to a … © 2021 - Travel Daily. While the international borders may open, the pandemic is far from over. Work From Top Of A Wi-Fi- Equipped Ferris Wheel At This Japan Theme Park. Read on for the full list of the cheapest places to travel in 2020, ... and she likes to pay the rewards forward by helping other travelers. Of course, since these countries depend heavily on foreign tourism. To lure back tourists, Italy’s Sicily is ready to reimburse 50% of airfare. Sign up here to get the latest news, updates and special offers delivered directly to your inbox. More than 1,200 companies have taken advantage of this opportunity creating 1,500 new jobs. Some of the perks include two free nights for every two nights paid for by guests, two free days of car rentals for every two days paid for, free stays for up to two children when two adults book, as well as 20% off at participating theme parks, golf courses, and spas. GET THE LATEST TRAVEL INDUSTRY NEWS, The southern Italian island of Sicily is looking to revive its tourism with its own enticing offer. Anuj Tiwari Updated on Jun 11, 2020, 17:22 IST. But Bulgaria has made all tourist... Sicily, Italy. So once the international tourism gates open up around the world, Japan can be an excellent option for your next vacation. Travel Daily - Informing, connecting and developing the world’s travel industry professionals. Britain is keeping a certain amount of fund separately to pay visitors wishing to fly to the United Kingdom. The entertainment capital of the world with the best casinos, hotels and nightlife has an exciting incentive to get lure you back to Las Vegas, Nevada. Britain, that is one of the worst-hit countries has come up with VisitBritain’s initiatives to lure tourists and help the economy. Cambodian women are genuinely interested in foreigners, especially white males because of the chance to have a better li… On top of a ‘holiday bonus’ worth up to EUR500 for lower-income households in Italy, that is funded by the national government, some regions will subsidize your accommodation, waive museum entry fees or hand out discounts on guided tours. These 13 cities, states, and countries will pay you to move there Published: Dec. 17, 2019 at 4:17 p.m. 40 countries, 123 cities and the rest of the world to go. St. Kitts & Nevis. Fill This Questionnaire To Know If You Can Visit The Country. Mexico hopes to welcome back tourists with a new campaign. Keep scrolling to see a ranking of the 20 best countries you should visit this year. As a way to kickstart tourism, some countries are handing out incentives in terms of vouchers or discounts to encourage people to travel. Mexico. and executives subscribed to our daily newsletter. Italy. The Maldives has announced plans for “Maldives Border Miles,” a loyalty program that rewards travellers for... Japan. Assam Tea Growers Experiment With Speciality...,,,, Stays available from one week to many years, and with thousands of hosts available in 53 countries there's an opportunity suitable for everyone. The program’s website outlines three tiers of loyalty: Aida (bronze), which is where everyone starts; Antara (silver); and Abaarana (gold). He created this campaign to help Las Vegas keep its reputation as one of the most entertaining cities in the world. However, you will be eligible for these subsidiaries only if you are making your bookings through Japanese travel agencies or directly getting in touch with hotels and ryokan inns. Every country is keen to restart the once profitable tourism industry. So if you’re ready to travel the world, check out this list, polish your resume, and apply for a new gig. The destinations that will pay for you to visit after COVID-19 Sicily, Italy. BambooHR : … This Is How Vegas Will Look Like Once It Reopens. In order to travel to Bhutan you will pay a $250 surcharge per day but this will cover all of your accommodation, transportation, food, and guide services. They now have a tourist programme that covers a range of travel expenses and offers discounts and vouchers. And if that is not a reason enough to visit Sicily, a free one-night hotel stay is also up for grabs. All Rights Reserved. The program is set to launch on December 1. In this deal, you will be eligible for a free night in one of their properties. All the countries that will pay you to visit them after lockdown is lifted 1. 9 Countries That Will Pay Travellers To Visit Them Once The Pandemic Is Over. TRAVEL NEWS, JOBS & EVENTS! In addition, you can visit Sicily’s museums and tourist destinations without purchasing tickets. MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis gives advice to travellers due to pay holiday in full; Added to that is the opportunity to see all the museums and archaeological sights for free - the official tourist site will cover the entry costs for you. 6 countries that will pay you to visit them once COVID-19 pandemic is over Italy (Sicily). Be part of our community of seasoned travel and hospitality industry professionals from all over the world. And with these beach expenses taken care of, it can be a total win. The entire country has been confined to their homes so … Sicily, Italy. Further, some deals cover your airfare provided you choose an airline that they have partnered with. These 6 Countries Will Pay You to Go On Vacation | Travel+Leisure Asia Some of the fascinating destinations across the globe are inviting you to visit with a juicy financial incentive to get you there. It provides discounts equivalent to 35% of the travel costs. Ashwin, Anand Mahindra Roast Former Australian Players for Predicting India's Loss. But you don’t have to wait for your vacation days to kick in to travel the world; you can go global with your job instead. The requirement will help make travel safer, but it will complicate logistics and add to travel expenses. Cyprus will pay for your vacation if you get the virus while visiting the country. These companies are searching for employees who are willing to travel on the job. Covid-19 Effect: These 6 Countries Will Pay You To Travel; Get Free Stay, Free Tickets & More! 20. Could things get any better for the beach bums? Italy has taken a big hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, and some of its finest destinations thrive on tourism to support the economy. ET ... Visit the site to see if you meet the requirements, or to fill out the tax credit form. getty. The Italian island could pay for up to half of the cost of flights, and offer one free night of accommodation... 2. Afar Media: The travel media brand gives full-time employees unlimited vacation time and a $2,000 stipend to encourage them to travel to new places. It’s a diverse country with so much to offer from culture, history, food, and wildlife. Under the scheme, coupons worth 15% of the travel expenditures will be issued for use at souvenir shops, eateries and other stores at travel destinations. Fill This Questionnaire To Know If You Can Visit The Country, Work From Top Of A Wi-Fi- Equipped Ferris Wheel At This Japan Theme Park, This Is How Vegas Will Look Like Once It Reopens. The authorities will take care of you if you are visiting the beautiful beaches of Bulgaria. Some of them like Italy and Mexico are offering huge stimulus packages to bring in those tourist dollars. A number of countries are luring tourists in to visit by offering free hotels and subsidies towards travel for after the lockdown. Yes, you heard that right. This genocide sent the country back to the dark ages in terms of development. The island of St. Kitts, where you can buy citizenship. Japan reopening bleak as gov’t declares another state of emergency, Japan puts spring reopening back on the table, Japan to continue to fund domestic tourism amid criticisms, Japan to reopen for Olympics spectators, but under strict rules, Let’s get down to work! She set up Curly Tales to let people discover their love for food, travel & indulgences. Although Bulgaria is the first on the list, it won’t pay you to visit. For example, Mexico is offering more hotel discounts in Cancun and for every two paid nights you’ll get two free nights. If you're a nurse, you can go mobile and travel for free to places like Florida or Hawaii — and get paid for it. Take a step back, Silicon Valley, you’re no longer the only cool kid on the block. At present, some 100,000 stores across the country are ready to accept the use of coupons. Italy did take a big hit during the COVID pandemic. Countries across the world are gradually reopening borders to tourism. 10 Countries That Will Pay You To Move There 10 Chile (Santiago). Some of the fascinating destinations across the globe are inviting you to visit with a juicy financial incentive to get you there. In line with this, governments are offering discounted holiday packages. Connect with Leigha (BDM-Middle East & India), Affordable Luxury in Thailand by Centara Hotels, Rising Above the Oridinary by Conrad Bangkok, Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO). So, if you paid $2000 of your student loan debt that year and owe the state $2500 in tax, you will only have to pay $500 in taxes. As part of its attempt to spur the economy, Japan has launched the Go To Travel tourism promotion program in July. Yes, you heard that right. News18. However, their spirit is commendable as not only... Bulgaria. Ethiopia is one of the cheapest countries to travel in Africa and you can get a meal for less than $5. 7 Destinations That Will Pay You To Visit Once The Pandemic Is Over Bulgaria. The Explore NB Travel Incentive program was created to encourage New Brunswick residents to travel within the province during the summer and early fall of 2020 and to stimulate the tourism industry amid COVID-19. Each applicant is eligible to claim up to $1,000 as part of the 20% rebate. Latest stories. Each trip to the Maldives will get tourists points, which add up to “exclusive benefits” and “privileges,” according to the program’s website, which says that visiting on “special occasions” results in extra points. During this time, millions were killed. The island region of Sicily is leading the way in tourism incentives. Join over 180,000 travel agents, professionals Here are some countries that will pay you or will give out incentives when you travel. A lot of travel plans have been effected due to the Coronavirus pandemic and now countries are so desperate for visitors that they’re offering to pay you to travel. As the global pandemic continues, many popular holiday destinations are being hit hard by the closed borders and grounded flights. In a bid to revive the sector, which makes up 13% of GDP and 15% of jobs, some parts of the country are offering incentives to holiday in Italy this summer – and both domestic and overseas visitors can benefit. If you are looking for budget travel, Bulgaria is already quite reasonable compared to its European counterparts. Antigua and Barbuda unveils…, Thomas Cook India joins hands with Destination Maldives, Air New Zealand makes face masks mandatory for all flights, Monaco unveils campaign for revival of MICE, Emirates one of the first airlines to trial IATA Travel Pass, United Airlines names new Senior Vice President of Worldwide…. Longer stays will also yield more points. Start-Up Chile provides up to $40,000 in non-equity funding and a six-month residency in Santiago for people who are willing to start a company in Chile. Bhutan maintains that it charges tourists this $250 daily charge in order to ensure that Bhutan retains the type of tourist they want. You'll have to pay a $2,000 deposit and you must possess a negative Covid-19 test result taken within 72 hours of arrival. 16 October 2020, 4:28 am. These are five places that are offering incentives to tourists. 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Sicily. Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Italy are among the list. The country would primarily sponsor tourists who are choosing the United Kingdom as their post-COVID travel destination. Grab a free stay in a charming property and road trip through exciting destinations across the globe on a budget. All 22 countries that have given holiday ban to Brits including Spain and Greece; Read More Related Articles. These 6 Countries Will Pay You to Go On Vacation Over the past few months, staycations and domestic travel have pushed round-the-world journeys off … In … Also read: 5 Amazing Offerings By Maharashtra Tourism For The Post-Pandemic World. The Maldives has announced plans for “Maldives Border Miles,” a loyalty program that rewards travellers for their frequent visits to the island. Before this, Kamiya was working as a Business Journalist & Television anchor with ET NOW, Bloomberg TV and CNBC TV18. Morocco. Because of this devastation, it is still is one of the poorest countries in Asia. Across the globe, countries that rely on tourism dollars throughout the Summer and Fall are desperate to have that money injected into the local economy. Countries across the world are gradually reopening borders to tourism. we wanted to do was quit our jobs, leave Canada behind and fly to Southeast Asia and the Subcontinent to experience a year of complete freedom.We saved up as much money as we could and sold our possessions – including our condominium, vehicle and electronics STAY UPDATED WITH THE LATEST These financial incentives offered by some of the most breathtaking destinations on the planet are too good to be true. 8.2 K Shares. In line with this, governments are offering discounted holiday packages. To sweeten the deal, those who studied in STEM programmes – science, technology, engineering and math – could receive money back from the government if they pay more off their loan than their taxes. The countries that will PAY you to go on holiday after coronavirus Sicily. To attract crowd back to their beaches and fancy properties, they have brought forth an initiative called ‘Come to Cancun 2X1’. Italy, Japan, Mexico set to pay tourists to visit their countries Japan has announced they may pay for tourists to visit post-pandemic, but they’re not … JOBS AND EVENTS STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX! Tokyo residents were excluded from the campaign before, but can now capitalise on the promotion starting October. Sicily, located off the south of Italy, is attempting to lure foreign visitors back to the island. and executives subscribed to our daily newsletter.